The Future of Education

Fall 2020

The spring of 2020 brought sudden and dramatic change to the way we deliver learning experiences at every level of education. Teaching and testing went fully remote, with video conferencing becoming the norm among educators and students alike. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated our understanding of the challenges created by an evolving educational landscape that could emerge permanently changed in many ways, with a focus on nimble curriculum development, creative teaching methods and a gradual departure from the traditional classroom setting. The work of USF researchers from the Sarasota-Manatee campus examines some of the ways in which education will be transformed, from the introduction of computers and Internet access to students in remote areas of developing nations, to the value of arts integration as a method of improving engagement and comprehension, to a future in which schools incorporate artificial intelligence and augmented reality into nearly every facet of the learning process.


Research: USF Sarasota-Manatee Campus

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Articles in this Section

Boy wearing VR headset

Emerging Technologies in Education

USF Sarasota-Manatee campus Regional Chancellor Karen A. Holbrook has been on the front line of change at many institutions and is always interested in learning more about emerging trends that impact education.

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Schooldesk and school supplies

The Art of Learning

Denise Davis-Cotton has a long history of arts-based collaboration. Before founding the Detroit School of Arts in 1992, she was the first teaching artist in residence for the state of Alabama.

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Teenage boy taking photo outside high school on campus

Creativity and Curricula

Starting in 2012, a group of 114 high school freshmen in New York City participated in a study designed to measure how effectively they could use the arts to learn about seemingly unrelated subjects, such as math.

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Tanzanian girls in computer lab

New Pathways to Knowledge

In a sparse classroom in the mountainous city of Iringa in central Tanzania, Sunita Lodwig met with a group of high school students and teachers for three months in 2016.

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