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Freedom from Human Trafficking

In its 2019 Trafficking in Persons report, the U.S. Department of State estimated that 24.9 million people worldwide — roughly three times the population of New York City — were victims of human trafficking.

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Jean Kabongo gives a lecture on entrepreneurship at the Hardee Correctional Institution

Preventing Prison Recidivism Through Entrepreneurship

When officials at the Sarasota County Correctional Facility approached Jessica Grosholz and Jean Kabongo about adapting their successful prison entrepreneurship program to a jail population, the USF researchers immediately saw value in the opportunity.

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Photo of James Unnever, PhD

Building the Case for a Black Criminology

If James Unnever’s academic career ever came down to a defining moment, it might have happened in November during the 75th annual meeting of the American Society of Criminology in San Francisco.

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Photo of a burned car and damaged building

Terrorism: Fear vs. Worry

Murat Haner and Melissa Sloan recognized that the body of research into issues related to terrorism was vast when they launched a study of their own.

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Music of Hate Crime

The gunman drove to the front door of the Al Noor mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand, entered the building and fired indiscriminately for about five minutes during afternoon prayers, killing 41 people.

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Illuminating Safety

While plenty of quantitative research exists to establish the relationship between crime rates and poorly lit areas, few studies have offered the promise of helping direct precisely where streetlights should be located to curb criminal activity.

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Message from the Regional Chancellor

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The Future of Education

Boy wearing VR headset

Emerging Technologies in Education

USF Sarasota-Manatee campus Regional Chancellor Karen A. Holbrook has been on the front line of change at many institutions and is always interested in learning more about emerging trends that impact education.

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Schooldesk and school supplies

The Art of Learning

Denise Davis-Cotton has a long history of arts-based collaboration. Before founding the Detroit School of Arts in 1992, she was the first teaching artist in residence for the state of Alabama.

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Teenage boy taking photo outside high school on campus

Creativity and Curricula

Starting in 2012, a group of 114 high school freshmen in New York City participated in a study designed to measure how effectively they could use the arts to learn about seemingly unrelated subjects, such as math.

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Tanzanian girls in computer lab

New Pathways to Knowledge

In a sparse classroom in the mountainous city of Iringa in central Tanzania, Sunita Lodwig met with a group of high school students and teachers for three months in 2016.

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Aging & Healthy Living

Kathy Black at the World Health Organization training in Switzerland with her five international colleagues and age-friendly advocates.

Becoming Age-Friendly

What matters most as we age?It’s a simple question, but one likely to elicit deeply personal and ever-changing responses as we grow older.

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Valerie Barnes Lipscomb on stage

Acting Your Age

Valerie Barnes Lipscomb’s groundbreaking research into ageism in modern drama and theatre is rooted in the premise that age is performative—that we really do “act our age”—and that nowhere is that more clearly evident than on the stage.

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Barriers to Hearing

Before her academic career, when Michelle Arnold was an audiologist at the James A. Haley Veterans’ Hospital in Tampa, she had a hunch many older Americans went without hearing aids because they believed, often mistakenly, they did not qualify for the devices under their health insurance or simply didn’t know how to access the coverage.

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Sarah Szynkiewicz tests a student’s tongue strength using the Iowa Oral Performance Instrument.

Repeat Success

When speech-language pathologist Sarah Szynkiewicz and a group of colleagues launched a study aimed at helping aging adults perform exercises to improve their ability to swallow through increased tongue strength, one aspect of their research clearly stood out.

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Black cat

Choosing Wisely

As an avid animal enthusiast with two dogs, Anthony Coy had personally experienced the benefits of pet ownership – feeling comforted during difficult times and sharing in life’s positive moments.

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Jay Michaels presents findings

The Psychology of Conflict

Whether arguing about politics around the kitchen table or navigating rush-hour traffic, there’s no getting around the fact that conflict comes with the human condition. But how do we respond to and manage conflict?

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