Understanding Boko Haram

Image of Nigeria on map

When it comes to researching Boko Haram, the violent jihadist movement that has terrorized northern Nigeria since 2009, the challenges are plain.

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Veteran Volunteers

Image of USA flags on table

Eric Hodges, PhD, is searching for an effective way to integrate returning veterans into civilian society. Combining preliminary research findings with his own experiences as a Marine, he’s proposing that civic engagement.

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Roly Poly Revelation

Image of Carlos Santamaria searches for Ligia isopods along a Hawaiian coast

Biologist Carlos Santamaria, PhD, is glad his team of student researchers didn’t follow directions when he sent them out to collect specimens from the mangrove forests of Sarasota and Manatee counties.

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Investing in Relationships

Image of family standing by a sold house sign

Even before joining the faculty at the University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee, Anthony Coy, PhD, focused his attention on the dyadic perspectives of romantic relationships, taking particular interest in exploring how one partner’s behavior may influence the other.

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Bias by Design

Image of scale in a courtroom

Christine Ruva, PhD, saw a lot of high-profile criminal cases when she worked as a probation and parole officer in Pinellas County in the 1990s, and she always wondered what effect media coverage of those cases had on juries’ decisions.

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The Connector

Image of Kathy Black

Gerontologist Kathy Black, PhD, says aging is being rewritten before our eyes. “We are in the midst of a great demographic transition,.”

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